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RunLoop (short) RunLoop (short)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good stuff so far! I'd say go back to it in a day or two with fresh ears, the piece has a drop off at 35secs and is waiting to get built back up or pushed even further than the first time. Depending how long you want the finished piece don't worry about taking your time to build up again there's already a good momentum in there! Keep at it man.

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GnomeSlice responds:

Hey there! Thanks for listening!

Yeah, I agree, I was trying to cram as much ENERGY into this track as I could, and I think I got even more than I was expecting. Basically what I'm stuck on now is trying to think of a melody or two to extend the piece further, and have a piece with a few distinct sections separated by segments of the basic beat, like is currently at the 'end' of this version.

Thanks for the review, it's appreciated!